A multifaceted visual artist with specialties in abstract, figurative, and traditional Javanese Wayang painting and mosaic creation, Dragana Mladenovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. Her work is influenced by classical masters like Dürer, Botticelli, and Michelangelo, as well as by ancient sculptures from Mesopotamia and Egyptian wall paintings.

Her extensive body of work, which heavily incorporates color and drawing, is full of vigor and vivacious life energy. The unconscious expression of internal impulses as the initial response to her surroundings is what is important in each of her works of art.

She received her MFA in painting from Belgrade Art University in 1998. Mladenovic has participated in more than 50 group exhibitions and over 25 solo exhibitions across more than six countries, for which she has won numerous prizes. Her current home is Tivat, where she recently finished a public project for the Porto Montenegro luxury complex with a mosaic that covers 9.4 square meters.



Most of my series are long-term endeavors that I work on concurrently. I take pleasure in resolving the aesthetic issues I bring about.

My challenge is to analyze the complexity of lines that have gathered on the canvas from which I construct pure and simple compositions and to depict a continuous path from the complexity of life to the simplicity of existence. What matters in each of bodies of work is the unconscious manifestation of internal impulses as the initial response to the environment.

I become almost ethereal as a result of a strong force, a spiritual fascination with an idea, which causes me to give an abstract thought a clear shape. I am more aware of the careful manipulation, arranging, and sorting I am doing while perceiving the resistance or softness of the fabric since there is always a potential for failure. I’m always ready to revisit a hazy thought from the past, bring it back to life, and start over. It’s exciting to observe how my style changes over time as I alter its movement, take it in various directions at once, and choose the best one.



born in Belgrade, Serbia
living and working in Tivat, Montenegro


2003/04 Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret, Fakultas Sastra dan Seni Rupa, Java, Indonesia
2001 Bachelor’s Degree, the College of Tourism, Belgrade, Serbia
1998 MA in Fine Art, Painting Department, Belgrade University of Fine Arts, Serbia
1989-1993 The Grada Fine Art School, Belgrade, Serbia


2020 Kotor City Gallery, Old Town Kotor, Montenegro
2019 National University Gallery, Vranje, Serbia
2018 Small Gallery, Sombor, Serbia
2017 Crvena Komuna Petrovac Gallery, Montenegro
2013 Gallery of Solidarity, Old Town Kotor, Montenegro
2013 Buca-Lukovic Gallery, Museums Night, Tivat Municipal Museum, Montenegro
2012 Dom Vojske Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2012 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania
2011 Regional Jagodina Museum, Serbia
2010 Sopot Cultural Center Gallery, Serbia
2010 Josip-Bepo Benkovic Gallery, Herceg Novi Municipal Museum, Montenegro
2009 Subotica Municipal Museum, Museums Night, Serbia
2009 SKC Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia
2009 Vuk Karadzic Gallery, Loznica, Serbia
2008 KNU Gallery, Bеlgrade, Serbia
2006 Vranje National Museum Gallery, Serbia
2005 Jade Gallery, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
2004 Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro, Jakarta, Indonesia
2004 Fabulous Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
2004 Kirei Gallery, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
2003 Simonida Gallery, Lazarevac, Serbia
2002 Happy Gallery, SKC, Bеlgrade, Serbia


2022 Artists of Tivat, Tivat Municipal Museum, Montenegro
2022 Spring Exhibition, Stara Kapetanija Gallery, Zemun, Serbia
2021 V Small Format Biennial of Nude, Marko Krstov Gregovic Gallery, Petrovac, Montenegro
2020 Art Pavilion, Cvijeta Zuzoric Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2019 IV International Festival of Light, Old Town Kotor, Montenegro
2017 December Selling Art, Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavilion, Belgrade, Serbia
2014 Unity in Creativity, Embassy of Indonesia, Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Indonesian Days, Ikar Gallery, Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 Open-Door, Dobrota, Montenegro
2009 11th Painting Scene, Herceg-Novi Municipal Museum, Montenegro
2009 III Biennale of Nudes, Cultural Center Gallery, Sabac, Serbia
2009 Ten Years After, FLU Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2008 VI International Exhibition Woman Painters, Majdanpek, Serbia
2008 XV Spring Exhibition, Stara Kapetanija Gallery, Zemun, Serbia
2008 Drawing Exhibition, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2008 52nd October Exhibition, National Museum Gallery, Sabac, Serbia
2008 15th Belgrade mini art scene, Singidunum Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2007 Painting Exhibition, Canaletto Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2006 Fall Exhibition, Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2005 I MinArt International Biennale, Nikola I Gallery, Niksic, Montenegro
2004 Surya Gallery, Surakarta, Indonesia
2004 Traditional Techniques, Teatar Besar Gallery, Surakarta, Indonesia
1998 International Art Workshop, Kotor, Montenegro


2022 Second Paiting Award for Nusicijada, Ivanjica Cultural Center, Serbia
2014 XIII Competition Song of All Love Songs, Mrkonjic Grad, Republika Srpska
2013 Clam Woven Sea poetry book, Foundation Mancic Dejan, Nis, Serbia
2008 Spring Exhibition, Stara Kapetanija Gallery, Zemun, Serbia
2003/04 Indonesian Government Scholarship, UNS, Surakarta, Indonesia
1997 Wall Painting, FLU Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
1996-1998 Scholarships, The Ministry of Education, Serbia
1995 Drawing, FLU Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


2020 Composition of 4 of mosaics walls, the public space of the luxury tourist resort Porto Montenegro from the conceptual design to the installation of 9.4 m2, Tivat, Montenegro
2018 ReLoad, Tivat Creative Center, Montenegro
2015 Art in Jewelry – a collaboration with Russian artist Olga Fedotova to create one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by Wayang paintings, Montenegro
2003/04 Visiting Artist, Studio Bima, Surakarta, Indonesia


2008 Member of The Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship Nusantara, Belgrade, Serbia
2004 Honorary Member of the Jakarta Contemporary Painters Association, Indonesia
2004 Member of the Association of the Artists of Zemun, Serbia
2003 Status as the Independent Artist (ULUS), Serbia
2002 Member of ULUS (Association Of The Artists Of Serbia)


Michael Maharam, Como, Italy
The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Belgrade, Serbia
Vjeranski collection, Split, Croatia
National Museum, Vranje, Serbia
Tivat City Museum, Montenegro


2022 The Tivat Visual Artists Association, Montenegro
2022 Art Excel and YES! Workshop, Orphanage Mladost, Montenegro
2019 Art Excel and YES! Workshop, Orphanage Mladost, Montenegro
2016 Art4City, Kotor, Montenegro
2016 FUUT – Street Performers Festival, KIC Budo Tomovic, Tivat, Montenegro
2015-2017 Creative Center Painting School, Tivat, Montenegro
2015 Art Excel Workshop, Orphanage Mladost, Montenegro
2013 Art-Fun workshop for children with special needs, Tivat, Montenegro
2012 Art-Fun workshop for children with special needs, Tivat, Montenegro
2001 Art Professor, Wood Art High School, Belgrade, Serbia


2019 Collection of 29 Sindjelic Cegar Fire, Nis, Serbia
2016 Collection of Poetry for Children, Beograd, Serbia
2014 Book of poems and short stories, Life and Love, Serbia
2013 Clam Woven Sea Poetry Book, Foundation Dejan Mancic, Nis, Serbia
2009 Cardboard No.4, The Culture Newspaper, Subotica, Serbia