While I was still residing in Indonesia, in May 2004, I displayed my first collection of wayang paintings at the Kirei Gallery in Kuta, Bali. Here I am with a few of my Balinese friends who assisted me in opening the exhibition. They expressed their gratitude and pride that people from other countries found Indonesia’s cultural legacy to be fascinating to study. Particularly considering how much composure, control, patience, and accuracy are needed while painting in this manner. The Wayang kulit, an intricately crafted leather puppet, is where Wayang paintings got their start.

Brahmin-caste couple wanted to introduce to myself after realizing it is a person from outside Indonesia who done all those wayang kain paintings. They were especially surprised by the paintings craftsmanship quality. Their message for me was to stay in Indonesia where I can surely make my living from creating this art and where people appreciate it so much.

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