Traditional Central Java paintings

The Dream of Java (2003–present) is a collection of wayang paintings that I developed while studying under a native Javanese artist Pak Tardianya, in Central Java. I was fascinated by the stylized, delicate patterns and sketches of wayang art, and it was there that color first revealed to me its true nature.
After the expressionist paintings I have done in the studio exploring movement and emotion, now I am challenged with a unique stylization. Endless patience and complete peace are what I had to acquire then.

This delicacy of the precise lines and patterns, as well as the stylization of the drawing, captivated me. It has suited me perfectly. Colors, jewelry, textiles, and patterns all have meaning, and every character has a moral story to tell. There is the highest concentration and patience developed during painting wayang. Every mistake would necessarily require repainting nearly the entire picture.

Meticulous in their drawing and composition, wayang paintings are created continually with all of the above-mentioned groups of paintings as a completely different approach to art that I would like to maintain in my opus. I may still be the only person in Europe who creates wayang painting.