In 2013, the “Dejan Mančić” Foundation from Niš awarded and published Dragana Mladenović’s poetry collection “Clam Woven Sea“.

Award notification text:

Due to favorable circumstances, at this year’s “Dejan Mančić” Foundation competition for the best manuscript collection of poems, at the very top of the submitted manuscripts, there were three female poets. However, according to the propositions, there is only one recognition, and it belongs to the youth of poetry and the eternal freshness of the world – the handbook collection of poems by Dragana Mladenović “Clam Woven Sea”.

The shortlist included the manuscripts of the poet Branka Zeković from Republika Srpska “EMBROIDERY” and Evica Radevska “SILENCE SPEAKS US”, from Niš.

All of the refined miniatures, from that sudden light of the fireflies that shine on a mild summer night and go out so that the trace of the meaning of their flight and embracing the world will remain for a long time in the minds and bewitched spirit of persistent pilgrims; such is the poetry of Dragana Mladenović in the award-winning manuscript “Clam Woven Sea”. The poet testifies that she only steals a moment from eternity in order, among other things, to communicate the clarity of being.

Jury: Dobrivoje Jevtić and Dimitrije Milenković

You can view the book in its entirety at МОРЕ ОД ШКОЉА САТКАНО